Steven Koltai, Former Senior Advisor, Global Entrepreneurship Program, U.S. State Department, and I just published this article online at the US Institute of Peace. Please read, interested in your commentary.





Entrepreneurship Drives Economic Development in Post-Conflict States: Case Study of Israel and Rwanda

July 29, 2012 | 12:45pm

*This is a joint post with Rose Shuman, TED Fellow and Senior Fellow & Lecturer at the Society & Business Lab at USC Marshall School of Business

This is the last in a series of four blogs that highlight the importance of entrepreneurship in driving job creation and economic growth, the underpinnings of political stability and civil society.  We’ve argued that thebenefits of entrepreneurship can be enjoyed in virtually every country, but are especially important in post-conflict states that are urgently trying to recover from what are usually deep wounds with soaring levels of joblessness.

For entrepreneurship to succeed governments must consciously enact policies that enable entrepreneurship ecosystems to flourish.  In this final post on the role of entrepreneurship in post-conflict states, we look at the examples of Israel and Rwanda.

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